Valentine's Day EP

by Jessica Grace

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The 5 song 'Valentine's Day EP' was released on Valentine's Day and is available to download now at

Tom and Seb of the Mercury nominees Polar Bear accompany her.

Download includes a cute lyric booklet and inlays.


released 14 February 2015

Arranged, produced and mixed by Jessica Grace and Kev Feazey.
Mastered by John Davies at Metropolis
Guitars, dulcimer and all vocals: Jessica Grace
Piano, synths and hammond: Jess and Kev
Extra guitars, bass and percussion: Kev Feazey
Drums: Seb Rochford
Special support on My Secret Hell from Tom Herbert
Special support on Valentine's Day from Sarah Gill on Cello and Katy Bignold on violin

All songs (c) 2015 Jessica Grace; PRS



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Valentine's Day
Totally surprised that it could end this way
Even though we tried so hard to break it
I won’t be coming back around again
‘Til I’m strong enough to take it

I fight
I fight
I tried
I can’t relax
So that’s why
I’d die
I’m avoiding heart attacks
So don’t break me

You can see why I’m cautious
Why I watch what I say
So I don’t get nauseous
'Specially not on Valentine’s Day

You never listen to what I’m trying to say
You won’t listen to what I’m trying to say
You want to listen
I would listen

All this time said
You were the coward
But it makes no sense to go red
When you put yourself forward
Track Name: Tactile Disaster
Doctor said it couldn’t last she said
When you jump in too fast
It was a tactile disaster
Over in two years and I said it would be
I am the lock you are the key
You don’t have the right to follow me
But you do when you choose
And it makes me love you unconditionally

I was right to shoot you down
Even though you were leaving to another town

City, colour and Dallas Green
We all want to be in your jeans

Poor love live the thrill of it
I wonder how long you loved her 'til you had your fill

City, colour and Dallas Green
We all want to be on your scene
Track Name: Without You
I’m trying hard not develop an itis
I’m growing a moustache out here in the wilderness
Without you

Hey you let’s play
Doctors and nurses when I was a child
I was too busy stripping naked
Without you

So come on then my beautiful ex
Let’s, oh, let’s have unprotected sex
Then we bleed
So I can see
When you leave
This disrespect in me

You’re losing out, man
I’m told I’m very easy
But I grab all I can
And it’s him pleasing me
Without you
Track Name: Many Dealings With Loss
Run down the stairs, you breathe my hair, fell down again
A bridge with trucks across
I sail above with the sun
On film you scratch right off
Remove this splinter, piece of fluff
On this, the blackest suit
Oh I’m alive
Boy you were cute

There’s nobody in that body
Not a solitary beat
And I said to her
I’ve had many dealings with loss

Aware I’m arrogant
Can one compare what I just meant
A march for loved ones lost
Feel like a fraud, my banner torn
In hell
Who put her there
Was it the boys who killed her son
Resilience is what is bred from this war

So then if I liken these events
At least in my head
Am I strong
Break my knees and tell me then
Am I strong
Track Name: My Secret Hell
Everything is fine
‘Til you changed your mind
Everything is swell
You don’t know my secret hell

I love you

But how can I take it seriously when you say that you don’t love me

Everything is free
'Til you forgot your money
Everything is real
'Til you lie in front of me
I love you

Hold on, relax
There’s nothing to keep you ill at ease
Take me out of this place
I want to do it again

I love you

But how can I take it seriously when you say that you don’t love me
How can I take me seriously when you’re in another country